Man kills lion with bare hands in Benue

A reincarnation of the ‘strongman’ of Old Testament in the Bible, Samson, has been discovered in Ajio, Shangev ya, Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State.

Iorver Udele, a farmer, killed a lion with his bare hands.

He was working on his cassava farm at Mount Ngokur when he was reportedly attacked by a roaring lion.

The wild lion tried to lacerate him but

Iorver immediately launched a counter attack.

Despite the fact that blood was already dripping from parts of his body, he did not allow the lion’s teeth to sink into his chest.

He reportedly grabbed the lion’s neck, threw it on the ground and took a big stone to hit it on the head.

The fierce battle lasted for about eight minutes before he could subdue the dangerous animal.

Other farmers in the area heard the commotion and rushed to the spot. By then, Udele had killed it.

He was immediately rushed to the General Hospital, Adikpo.

Doctors said he is in stable condition.

– Freedom Online

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