Elections: Heavy security presence in Osun

From John Dike, Osogbo

Today’s election in Osun state witnessed heavy presence of security operatives than the Presidential and National Assembly elections held three weeks ago.

A drive round Osogbo and some other major towns of Osun state by our Correspondent revealed the unusual presence of security men and women, apparently to forestall a breakdown of law and order.

Heavily armed security personnel were seen at the junctions of major roads in different towns visited by The Nigerian Monitor correspondent currently monitoring the elections.

From Osogbo to Ikirun, to Iragbiji and some other major towns, stop and search by a combined team of security operatives was a major feature.

Private cars and other utility vehicles were being searched thoroughly all in a bid to ensure that the elections go on peacefully and fairly.

Even security operatives going to their place of assignments for the election duty were not spared as they were asked to produce evidence of their posting for such duty, else they would be sent back home.

A chat with a policeman by our correspondent revealed that an intelligence report gathered by the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Osun command prompted the heavy mobilisation of security operatives to checkmate any security lapse.

Voters with their PVCs were allowed to alight from their vehicles and pass through the check points after producing evidences, but had to take a walk to their polling units from that point.

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