Heaven is real! Journalist narrates experience after robbery attack, says ‘I walked on streets of gold’


The Day I Walked On The Street of Gold

Dearly beloved, I am alive today, because mercy said NO.


On this day, February 23rd 2018, I was at a gas plant along Tinapa Road in Calabar to refill my cylinders when dare devil armed robbers arrived around 1:00pm. Unfortunately I was with the cashier to effect payment through POS machine, totally unaware of the invasion. One of the robbers who gained entry into the Cashier’s Office, armed with a machete and pistol inflicted a terribly deep cut on my head, after which he ordered me to the floor. I bled for over an hour while the operation lasted.

The blood pool was flowing out under the door. I learnt later that when the Police visited the scene later, they admitted it would take a miracle for me to survive given the volume of blood spilled .

When the robbers left, I was rushed to Immanuel Infirmary, a Private Medical facility at Army Junction by fellow (cooking gas) customers who opted for a closer clinic after resolving amongst themselves that I might die on the way if they attempt to get to UCTH.


The last scene I could remember was when I was being rushed to the theatre at the hospital, after a prolonged hospital formalities. Next , I saw myself floating in the air while my body was on the hospital bed with blood still gushing out. Two nurses were pulling the dangling flesh together for the doctor to stitch.

Next, I saw my wife arriving trembling and looking devastated. She had been called from my phone. I tried communicating with her to tell her what happened and to pass some information, but she didn’t hear me. When she bursted into the theatre and saw my body in a pool of blood with the doctor and nurses battling to suture the mangled flesh, she started screaming, yelling and almost collapsed. At that point, I begun to ascend at a terrible speed, like a rocket, taking off.

I finally landed at the entrance of a street. It was like a T-Junction. I realized within me that was Heaven, so I quickly knelt down and started worshipping and praising God for His mercy which has qualified me for Heaven despite my human flaws.


When I got up, I saw two angels by my side, one by my left and the other on my right. They were ushering me into the street. Dearly beloved, Heaven is beautiful, there’s no sun nor moon but everywhere is bright, with conducive temperature. The road is pure thick gold, sparkling gold. As we were going, I saw a choir stand on my right hand side with the choresters clad in snow white robes rendering Nathaniel Bassey’s hit track “You’re God”.

It was a marvelous scenario to behold. Their voices, simply melodious!!! And while they chanted the refrain, they will pulled their robes and bowed in worship.


There was a thick glass barrier barring one from accessing the choir stand from the street. I saw two persons I knew who had died years back in that choir and immediately our eyes met, they were signalling me to go back that it wasn’t my time. I quickly turned around avoiding further eye contact with them to face the two Angels.

I asked the Angels, which choir is this? I was told it is the Triumphant Choir.

I then indicated my interest to join the choir, they responded that they don’t have the power to admit me to join the choir. I requested that they should send for my church choir to come to enable me join them since they used to sing the song. They responded “there’s no church here”.

I decided to look around for a church signpost but I found none. Rather, I saw an handwriting in the sky, bold and written in gold. Guess what was written?

Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world.

I turned back to the Angels and asked what I must do in order to join the choir? They told me “You have to meet the Lord and Master”.

I asked, where’s He?

They pointed towards the end of that street and when I looked, behold, I saw our Lord and Saviour, sitted on a throne, decked in flowing golden colour robe.

His throne is built with gold. Behind Him, I saw the mansions mentioned in the Bible. it’s a beautiful Housing Estate with gold tarred internal road network. The flats are decorated with golden bricks, from ground to window level, all round.


Beside the throne was the door to the choir stand. We begun walking towards Him, He got up and was coming towards us as well. When I came face to face with Him around the middle of that street. He raised His right hand, placed on my shoulder and said, ”Isaac, you have to go back, this is not your time.” I was demoralized, downcast.


Dear friends, If God should open your eyes to see a glimpse of Heaven, you won’t like to spend the next minute here on this earth!


I told Him, ”My Lord and Saviour, there’s a woman in church ( names withheld) who used to make jest of me that I am a carnal Christian, so if in my carnality I have made Heaven, let me stay here so that I don’t go back and fumble.


He said “This thing is a matter of mercy and grace. That is why the Father said in His word I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion because your righteousness is like a filthy rag before Him”. I was quiet.

I spoke up again, Lord, this cut is deep, I have lost so much blood and you know I used to donate blood, imagine the pains, the scar and the trauma I will go through if I go back, let me stay here and forget all the agonies likely to follow.

He responded, ”when the matchete landed on your head, the first thing that came out of your mouth was “oh God thank you because I know it would have been worst if not for You, and while you were lying on the floor bleeding, you were singing: “Yahweh, your name is Yahweh

You are a Miracle working God, Your name is Yahweh.

You didn’t complain, you didn’t murmur, you didn’t ask God, why me even though you were coming back from church and above all, there’s no malice or grudge in you.


”Because of that, I am going to do three things, first, you’re going to be healed in a record time, second you won’t feel any pain from that wound and thirdly, ( at this point, He removed His hand from my shoulder and placed on His chest and said) I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I bled and died on the Cross at Calvary, nobody who is in me can bleed to death again. The life of every flesh is in the blood. I am that blood, no man can manufacture blood except me. I will replenish the blood, don’t worry”.


I was still trying to explore any possible means to persuade Him to allow me to remain in Heaven. So I spoke up again, Master, this place is so beautiful, let me just stay here and forget all the troubles in the world. He answered thus ”If I allow you to remain here, the beloved ones you want to leave behind, Heaven wouldn’t be able to contain their cries, their tears will rent the Heavens.

Isaac Aqua, while recovering from the robbery attack

I chipped in, who are the beloved ones? He pointed to a screen, it was like a 5D screen with Crystal clear pictures, as I focus on the screen, they were sliding the pictures of the beloved ones He mentioned, wife first, children in order of seniority, family, friends and colleagues.

And those two Angels were mentioning their names as the pictures rolled by.

At that point, I gave up trying to persuade him and remarked”Okay Lord, let me go”.

We turned toward the spot I landed earlier, the two Angels in front, I was in the middle. He was behind. When the Angels got to that spot, they waited, I turned round to look at Him, He waved , I moved in between the angels and we started descending.

As we were descending, I begun recognizing some places. First was Northwest Filling Station at Pamol. That day,I bought fuel at the station before heading to the gas plant. I saw Tinapa Junction, the gas plant where the incident happened and finally landed at Army Junction, adjacent to the hospital I was rushed to that fateful day.

After, we landed, the Angels walked me down to the hospital, but when we got to the door, they suddenly vamoosed. I did not see them again.

I later woke up this side I was told I suddenly sneezed, took three deep breath and opened my eyes. When i opened my eyes and saw the nurses pestering up and down in their white uniform, i remember the snow white robes I saw in Heaven, I was angry!

Beloved, I left the hospital that same day though the doctor vehemently opposed it on grounds that the cut was too deep, I could collapse due to severe haemorrhage and I needed to be in the hospital for close monitoring since the pains which according to him will be severe given the gravity of the wound.

We were asked to come back after two days for dressing, checks and blood transfusion as a condition since I insisted on leaving.

When we reported as agreed, and after all the tests, checks ,I was told there won’t be need for any blood transfusion reason being that my blood level was more than enough.

And you know what? I haven’t felt any pain from the wound up till this day.

Glory be to God Most High.

Heaven is real, I saw it.

Give your life to Jesus Christ this day if you’re yet to do so.

He’s the only Way to Heaven

Surrender to Him today!

Delay is dangerous!!!

Thank you. God bless you.


@Isaac Aqua

February 13, 2023

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