Ondo’s Gbenga Ezekiel breaks World Record in rope skipping

History was made as a 16-year-old Senior Secondary School, SSS1 student of Ijapo High School, Akure, Gbenga Ezekiel, broke and set new Guinness World Record in rope skipping on one foot.

Two years ago, during the maiden edition of the Ondo state rope skipping championship held in Akure, the young Gbenga was not allowed to participate by his seniors, causing him to feel dejected and he cried at the venue but the intervention of the technical chairman of the Nigeria rope skipping federation, Churlish Ukandu saved and discovered this hidden talent and nurtured him to stardom.

Track up:

Having assured his coach of skipping better than the former world record holder and necessary documents forwarded to the appropriate quarters, the stage was set and the Ondo state born Rope Skipper stormed global arena to attempt a new Guinness World Record in most skips on one foot in one minute.


In preparation for the task, Gbenga Ezekiel intensified training with his teammates ahead of the October 31 history making day at the Ondo State Sports Complex, Akure. The record is currently held by Rasel Islam of Bangladesh with 262 skips in one minute.


With about four certified judges and time keepers on ground at the sports complex, Akure, Gbenga Ezekiel erased Rasel Islam of Bangladesh’s record of 262 skips in one minute on one foot with 4 additional skips (266) in the first attempt as recorded by judges and went ahead to skip 267 in the second attempt to shatter old record and set new Guinness World Record.

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