2023: Crowd at rallies not show of love by Nigerians – Okotie

Interim government campaigner, Rev Chris Okotie has warned Nigerians not to get carried away by the crowds they see at political rallies.

In his latest bulletin released from his media office in Lagos, by his media adviser, Ladi Ayodeji, Okotie said the presence of the mixed multitude at campaign rallies is no indication that a presidential candidate enjoys the support of the people.

Rev Okotie, who is promoting his Aboriginal Democracy agenda as an alternative to the current system of government, said crowd-renting is mainly responsible for the crowd we see at rallies, which is why we sometimes find same people at different rallies.

He explained that some people attend these rallies purely out of curiosity or to catch a glimpse of the political leaders or to be part of the action.

Speaking further on the 2023 election in interview with Kaftan TV’s Funmilayo Osho -Kumolu, on the programme, Daybreak Africa,State of the Nation, the Reverend argued that Aboriginal Democracy is the only concept that could produce the change Nigeria needs, not an election as being pursued.

Okotie said: ‘Nigeria’s second attempt at democracy has failed us as a nation.’

He insists that an interim government is required to fashion a new, effective constitution that would be acceptable to all the federating units, before a realistic election could be conducted.

‘The present constitution is a unitary one and is inconsistent with our cultural realities being a product of retrogressive elements’, he said.

Okotie concluded that those who are opposed to restructuring are benefiting from the current system of recycled leadership, which has produced the present economic stagnation.

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